Company Profile

Company Name: Di Obra Development Group
Dated: 2001
Location: Miami, FL
Line of work: Home Builder Specialists
Company Overview:

Di Obra Development Group is one of South Florida’s state leaders in Renovation and Residential Construction of Custom Built Homes and Custom Interior Renovations. We provide our clients with superior levels of customer satisfaction and take pride in all of our projects.

Our company works efficiently in order to finish the project on schedule and within budget. We bring a meticulous attention to detail and maintain an open communication with the client throughout the whole project.

As your dedicated contractors, we stay on top of each phase of the construction process in order to ensure that the highest professional standards are met.

Our History

Di Obra Development Group was founded in 2001. With nearly 18 years of experience and more than 350 major projects to its credit, the company has a long history of growth and evolution, not only technically but administrative.

Since its inception, the company has undertaken large public works projects with great efficiency, such as construction of schools, recreational and sports parks, roads, water and sewerage. 

All projects of high technical and administrative requirements. Di Obra continues to build a reputation for high quality construction performance, integrity and client satisfaction.

Since 2015 and following our passion for perfection and beautiful things, the company has dedicated itself to the renovation and construction of homes for affluent investors.

Rensso Lopez
President | CEO

Our president
and ceo

Is a modern and dynamic business leader, president and CEO of Di Obra Development Group, from 2001 to the present day. He has acquired agreements in many of the emblematic developments in South Florida totaling more than 350 large-scale works made.